Saturday, August 22, 2009

PhotoHunt #49 - Ripples

Well, this week’s word, I had to look it up! I knew about ripples as in ‘curly waves’, but I couldn’t think about other ways to show them. Hopefully, I did a good job…
Bueno, esta semana tuve que buscar el significado de la palabra! Sabía que ‘ripples’ se usaba para denominar esas olitas con espuma, pero habían otras acepciones. Espero haber hecho un buen trabajo…
Ripple clouds in Necochea (2006) Nubes con ‘onda’ en Necochea (2006)
Rippling waves in San Diego (2008) Olas en San Diego (2008)
Skootamatta Lake (2009)
I was hoping I could find some really good ripple pictures, but no… so here’s a loaner
Esperaba encontrar alguna foto buena, pero no… así que aquí tomé prestada una
 Yes, something like this one Sí, algo así
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  1. I like your first one! Very creative take on ripples.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  2. You here have presented wonderful sceneries which all are excellent excamples of ripples. Hurray.
    A great post

  3. Linda foto la del puente colgante... yo saqué una igual...


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