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Saturday, May 23, 2009

PhotoHunt #36 - Plastic

What a tough theme today!
I’m not even 100% happy with my choice…
Qué tema difícil el de hoy!
Ni siquiera estoy 100% con mi elección…
Finde 012
I could spend the entire afternoon playing with my plastic building blocks along with the boys…
Podría pasarme la tarde jugando con mis muy estimados bloques de plástico, jungo a los chicos…
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  1. hehe...reminds me of my liasions w lego when I was young...or are they?

  2. I love those Lego's!!
    Happy PH and happy weekend :)

  3. This week's theme is indeed a challenge!

    I love playing plastic blocks too...

  4. Aloha!!
    Challenges are great! Great choice in picture. Blocks are fun!
    Stop by!
    Cindy O

  5. LEGOS! My son (16yo) still loves getting his legos out, building all sorts of complicated 'things.' Great idea for this week's theme.

  6. Actually, that was my first thought when I saw the theme---but now that my kids are parents themselves, lego is gone, unless grandkids bring it over.

  7. A mi me encantan los bloque... Juan y yo jugamos mucho a construir.


  8. Some of my best memories... playing with my dad on the carpet, building space ships and castles!

    May your kids have these great memories too!

  9. Es un recuerdo de un viejo clasico: Quimirasti "B" vs. Quimirasti "C", duelo epico de dos goleadores: Fluor y Nobelio, voladas supermanescas de arqueros como Carbono, desbordes llenos de desfachatez de Niquel... en fin, futbol era el de antes.

  10. Carbono? Cómo vas a mencionar a Carbono y no a Potasio, que es quien le enseñó todo a ese chico?

    Que injusticia que no haya ido al mundial... :-)

  11. Great shot, I didn't even think of legos and my kids love legos.

  12. Y si no se pone las manos para atajar, como va a ir al mundial!


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