Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WW#80 - Gateway

I guess it wasn’t clear what I was trying to show. This is a typical crappy place where I have to spend the nights when I’m travelling…
Junebug asked me ‘Gateway to what’… I wished I knew, it’s just called ‘The Gateway’…
2009-03-24 - Home improvement 044
2009-03-24 - Home improvement 045
Gateway Travel Plaza, in Pennsylvania. Literally, the middle of nowhere…


  1. There is something quite interesting about these familiar sights, the lot, the buildings, the commercial strip.

  2. I wonder how's the food in there! :P
    Happy WW Gabriel :)

  3. Maybe the developer figured if it's in the middle of no where passer bys will be ready to do some shopping LOL Happy WW

  4. It's funny how they have those travel plaza's in the middle of nowhere. They usually have good food there. We have one we go to and sometimes have their buffet. They cater to Truckers and families on vacation passing thru.

  5. Está en el medio de la nada pero se ve a lo lejos un hermoso McDonalds al que supongo no habrás ido.

  6. Está en el medio de la nada, pero tiene un tráfico increíble. No, ni pisé ese McDonalds. Esa noche cené a las 12:30 AM en un Denny's, que es otra cadena que sirve comidas un poquito más elaboradas.

    Este en particular tenía un formato 'diner' de los '50 que me encantó. Pero no tenía la cámara a mano en ese momento...

  7. That is hilarious! I was trying to figure out what was so important and great about your photos. Now I know. Too funny. Looks like lots of great places I've been too.

  8. Looks very typical of North America... ah, the car culture, the busy malls in the middle of nowhere... love it or hate it!

  9. A gateway in the middle of nowhere. I am glad that I just commute to work. Nice shots though!

  10. It's a huge place though. You could have a nice morning walk. :)


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