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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Manic Monday #29

CanadaHey, four questions today!
Question #1 - Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
Off the top of my head... going on holidays with Gaby and the kids, driving all the way to the Atlantic Coast, so we finally get to see how the places in which we were planning to live look like (like Saint John, NB). Main reasons why I haven't done this yet includes lack of time and lack of money. Actually, those are the only reasons.
Question #2 - If you could make any fictional character come to life, which one would it be?
It would definitely be Jan Brady, of the Brady Bunch, because I had a serious crush on her. I know Eve Plumb is alive and well, and she's a beautiful woman; but she's an actress and I want to be with Jan Brady.
Question #3 - If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be and how long would it take you to spend the $10,000?
Mmmmm... I guess I would go to a place like Future Shop and buy a kick a** TV, a really good Home Theatre system and a few laptops for Gaby and the kids with whatever is left. Estimated time needed to spend the whole thing: 45 minutes, tops.
Question #4 - Name three things you wanted as a child but never got
I wanted:
  1. To have a 'best friend' (that kid you're always with). I still don't have a best friend.
  2. To go camping to Lake Huechulafquen with my cousins (my brother got invited a few times, but they never asked me)
  3. The girl I was madly in love with to notice me (but she never did)

Lake Huechulafquen - Neuquén, Argentina (picture by Guido de Caso)

Hey, hoy viene con cuatro preguntas!
Pregunta #1 - Hay algo que hayas soñado hacer por mucho tiempo? Por qué no lo has hecho?
A ver... sí, irme de vacaciones con Gaby y los chicos, manejando hasta llegar a la costa atlántica, para así poder finalmente ver cómo lucen esos lugares en los que pensábamos vivir originalmente (como Saint John, NB). Las principales razones por las que no he hecho eso aún incluyen falta de tiempo y falta de dinero. En realidad, esas son las únicas razones.
Jan Brady (Picture taken from TV) Pregunta #2 - Si pudieras darle vida a un personaje de la ficción, a quién sería?
Definitivamente Jan Brady, del programa de TV "Brady Bunch", porque estaba loco por ella. Ya sé que Eve Plumb está viva y es una hermosa mujer, pero ella es una actriz y yo quiero estar con Jan Brady.
Pregunta #3 - Si pudieras ir de compras y gastar $10,000 en un solo negocio, qué negocio sería y cuánto tiempo te llevaría gastar los $10,000?
Mmmmm... Iría a un lugar como Future Shop y me compraría una TV bien grande y moderna, un buen sistema de sonido y unas laptops para Gaby y los chicos con lo que me que de de vuelto. El tiempo estimado para 'patinarme' todo el dinero es de unos 45 minutos.
Pregunta #4 - Nombra tres cosas que querías tener cuando eras chico pero nunca tuviste
Yo quería:
  1. Tener un 'mejor amigo' (ese chico con el que siempre estás). Incluso hoy en día no tengo uno.
  2. Ir de camping con mis primos al Lago Huechulafquen (a mi hermano lo invitaron un par de veces, pero a mí nunca)
  3. Que la chica de la que estaba terriblemente enamorado se percatara de mi existencia (pero eso nunca sucedió).



  1. Jan Brady!? Ha ha ha ha!I played too :)

  2. Marsha, Marsha, Marsh. Love Jan Brady.Happy MM.

  3. We have basically the same answer on the shopping question!I < HREF="" REL="nofollow">joined<> this week's Manic Monday, too!

  4. Maybe that would be a good place to go with your family!Thanks for visiting :-)

  5. Oh, this post made me laugh!I had the biggest crush on Peter Brady! Not so much Chris Knight, as it turns out that he a big jerk in real life, but oh, did I love Peter! Funny, my dream is to head to the east coast with my family, too. Nova Scotia, for sure, but my grandfather was born in NB and I have never been there. Apparently, there are just hordes of Steeves' there. I can't believe that you don't have a best friend. You have soo many friends...I have been lucky enough to have 2 best friends in my life, people that I could not live without.

  6. <>Biddie<>, of course, with us being three boys at that time, I was "Peter" whenever we were watching the Brady Bunch on TV. I remember it was on Channel 7, right after < HREF="!" REL="nofollow">The Persuaders!<> (my brother was Lord Brett Sinclair and I was Danny Wilde). :-)

  7. Jan Brady, eh? Cute response! Happy Manic Monday!

  8. 1- Viajar. No he podido, por distintas circunstancias... ojala pueda volver a hacerlo algun dia.2- No me sale ninguno en especial. Creo que serian varios. Me viene a la mente Maxwell Smart (pero el de Don Adams) o...ALF! Y siguen apareciendo... la rana Renee o Figaredo.3- $10.000 para mi solito? Un plasma o un LCD y renovaria por completo mi juego de palos de golf. Con el resto me lo gastaria en regalos... 4- A ver... ir a Disney, ir a Disney e ir a Disney. En cualquier orden.


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