Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday's Feast #31

Well, the chef is not back online yet, so I'm playing
with questions taken from Jodi's "Beacon of hope"
Appetizer - If you learned today you were going to die tomorrow, name three things you would do
I would gather my family around and tell them, once again, how much I love them. I would probably make a video for my youngest ones, so they could watch me on key days of their lives (turning 18, wedding, etc). Finally, I would try to learn how to whistle using my fingers, because I still don't!
Soup - What is your very first memory?
Interesting one! I always say that I don't remember a lot of stuff from when I was a little kid, but this one is a vivid memory: I remember falling off my high chair and hitting my head on the floor when I was a little kid (probably between one and two years old). I was told later that I ended in the hospital due to that fall...
Salad - Name one service you are willing to pay for and one your not
This is a first. I really don't know what to answer here!
Main Course - Do you make your bed every day?
No. Even when Gaby is home, we only make our bed three or four times a week, but not everyday.
Dessert - Name the most significant thing you learned this week
That all it takes for my kids to have what they call 'a great day' is a ball, a soccer field and two hours of their father's time. It's absolutely worth it.
Entrada - Si te enteraras de que vas a morir mañana, nombra tres cosas que harías
Juntaría a mi familia y les diría, una vez más, cuánto los quiero. Haría un video para los más chiquitos para que los vean en días importantes de sus vidas (cuando cumplan 18, en su casamiento, etc). Finalmente, trataría de aprender a chiflar (silbar) con los dedos, porque aún no sé!
Sopa - Cuál es tu recuerdo más temprano?
Qué pregunta interesante! Siempre digo que no recuerdo mucho de mi temprana infancia, pero sí tengo un recuerdo vívido, de una vez en que me caí de mi sillita alta y golpeé mi cabeza contra el suelo. Era un niño muy chiquito (tal vez de entre uno y dos años de edad) y según me dijeron más tarde, terminé en el hospital por esta caída...
Ensalada - Nombrá un servicio por el que estás dispuesto a pagar y uno por el que no pagarías
Bueno, esto no me había pasado antes. No tengo ni idea de qué decir aquí!
Plato principal - Hacés tu cama todos los días?
No. Incluso cuando Gaby está, hacemos la cama sólo tres o cuatro veces por semana, pero no todos los días.
Postre - Nombrá lo más significante que hayas aprendido esta semana
Aprendí que todo lo que hace falta para que mis hijos tengan lo que llaman 'un gran día' es una pelota, una cancha de fútbol y unas dos horas de mi tiempo. Sin ninguna duda, vale la pena.
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  1. I am so behind and trying to get caught up. I still have a sick pc and recently haven't had any access to a computer... I loved the photos of Gaby with her mom. Was it a surprise??? Those photos were so touching, I nearly cried. I am lol at the fact that you had nothing to say about what services you would and wouldn't pay for. You, speechless? You must be tired from all the long days with your kids :)

  2. Thanks for joining my feast! Your answers are great! I especially enjoyed your dessert! It's amazing what little kids need to be happy!


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