Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekly Winners #25 - Jul/20 to Jul/26

A week in pictures 
 Picture 032
We celebrated Gaby's birthday on Sunday...
The gift came in the form of a ticket to Argentina, so Gaby is reunited with her family after seven and a half years!
(Pictures coming soon!)
There was more soccer in our lives, with Santi's game on Friday and Carolina's playoffs all weekend.
Florencia was cold this morning (there was a strong wind blowing before the big storm).
Caro's team lost 0-1 on Wednesday and then tied 1-1 on Friday.
On Saturday, they played two games: the first was a 0-0 tied...
...and the second a disappointing 1-4 loss (after leading 1-0). Carolina played in net all four games.
She was very disappointed that she let so many in, and even cried after the last game.
I told her that she had been fantastic, and I was proud of her no matter what.
In the meantime, Santi and Juan were playing outside the field. What do they remind me of?
Oh, yeah. A cockfight!
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  1. Excellent! Happy Birthday to Gaby, I know she is excited!That photo of Carolina is heartbreakign (knowing she is sad) but so beautiful.

  2. Great pictures and I agree with Lotus, the picture of Carolina is heartbreaking when you know she is sad, those eyes are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful shots, even though Carolina does look so very sad. Hope Gaby is enjoying her trip!

  4. God, your kids are beautiful. Aren't they?!

  5. Beautiful photos again.Hope Gaby is enjoying her trip.

  6. You have beautiful children and the look on your daughter's face is so perfectly expressive. Good luck on all the next games.

  7. What an awesome gift for Gaby! You are wonderful Gabriel...Awesome shots of a great week. :D

  8. Me encanta la ultima foto en la que se ven todos los padres sentados al lado de la cancha... compartiendo de los de sus hijos.

  9. Love the family photo and the 5th shot of your daughter. Sorry she felt so disappointed.

  10. I hope Gaby is enjoying her trip - what a great present!I enjoy all the soccer shots - but the 'cockfight' one made me laugh!

  11. Santi and Juan look so intense!Happy birthday to Gaby!

  12. Great pictures all around. Happy Birthday, Gaby, and enjoy the trip!

  13. I agree with Sarcastic Mom that Caroline looks so sad but so beautiful. Great shot.

  14. That last one is my favourite, you captured it so well!Oh and I'm glad you love my country Gabriel, I think it's beautiful too!


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