Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekly Winners #24 - Jul/13 to Jul/19

4 more sleeps till the big thing!
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It's playoff time for Juan's soccer season, and his team couldn't be doing better!

After a 5-2 loss on Wednesday, they came back to win 3-2 on Friday (I missed both games due to my trip to Cornwall).
They played again yesterday morning, and boy did they come out to play!

First game, at 10:30 AM
2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 003
Getting ready for the action

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 008
It was really hot yesterday!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 010 2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 011
A pep talk during the halftime. We were leading 5-0 by then

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 014
Juan scored three goals in this game!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 027
The final score was 10-2!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 032
"Guys, we're in semi-finals, no matter what happens in this afternoon's game"
"But we should win anyway"
"OK, let's"

Second game at 3:15 PM
2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 034
See Juan run!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 035
He shoots... keeper makes a save!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 036
But we get the rebound... GOAL!

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 037
We won again! It was 2-0 this time (Juan scored the second via Penalty Kick)

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 041
"Three cheers for the blue team!"
Blue keeper cries. He didn't know yet, but I did; they're playing against us again tomorrow,
this time for a spot in the final game.

2008-07-19 - Soccer playoffs 045
"Good game...good game...good game...good game..."

As I said above, our team is playing again at 9:15 AM today (yes, in 8 hours) for the semi-finals.
After that, we all run to Santi's game (it's at 11:00 AM).
If Juan's team wins, we have to run again after Santi's game, to go play the final.
Then I have to coach another soccer practice from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Sigh. A typical Sunday... :-)

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  1. I love the first picture of Juan. You said, "4 more sleeps until..." Must be a Canadian thing - my Canadian hubby says that too. Its cute.

  2. Great soccer pictures! Brings back memories for me - Second Son played 7 seasons of soccer before switching to football. Don't envy you all that running, though!

  3. Great photos!I love the one with the little goaly crying.

  4. Like I was right their with you!Great series Gabriel!!

  5. Great shots, and I love the new header, too.

  6. Ohhh...the blue keeper cries. Great shot.

  7. You've got a busy day ahead of you! Keep hydrated.

  8. Hope it's not pouring rain on the boys!Don't ya just love soccer season, especially in the heat and humidity? The boys don't seem to mind though!Great shots, and good luck!

  9. Buenisimas fotos...Sigo preguntandome el modelo de tu camara :-)Me gusto la foto en que Juan encara con pelota dominada. Es la tipica pose del que sabe. La mirada en la proxima jugada, no en la pelota.

  10. Aw, poor little keeper.I like in the first picture where they are doing the "nice game" thing, how one player is walking hand-in-hand with a little girl. His sister? That is sweet.PS: I tried to visit this post last night, via the link on Mr. Linky, and it would not show up! What's that all about???

  11. Love the 3rd photo from the bottom! Victory!!!

  12. Such a fun series! Lots of summer involved :) Love the cute new header :)

  13. Like your new look. Fun pictures.

  14. You get such great captures in all the soccer shots you take - I always enjoy looking at them!

  15. Yay for your boy and his team doing so well in the games!Hope they win the finals!!Great action shots you got there!! :)

  16. I remember those days! I never played soccer but my sister did. She was the goalie. Actually, with my cousins included, we are a soccer family. It's our sport. So, I spent many, many, MANY a weekends out on the fields.

  17. Great shots -- love the action in Juan's goal!

  18. yay a fellow Canadian! I can't imagine playing soccer in that humidity. Great shots!

  19. Aaahhh mi vida, me dieron unas ganas enormes de abrazar al arquero que llora.

  20. That is a great portable "clubhouse", the tent.It looks like they all have a great time playing. What a wonderful activity.


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