Saturday, March 08, 2008

Winter just won't go away

CanadaI'm at the Waterloo Public Library with the kids, waiting for Gaby to pick us up. Since there's free wireless Internet in here, I brought my (new) laptop (I finally got it on Thursday, it's so cool!). I'm looking out the window, and all I can see is... snow. More and more. We're expecting between 15 and 20 more centimetres today. Like we didn't have enough already!

I read somewhere (maybe AM570 News) that we only needed 17 more centimetres of snow to break a 40 year old record in terms of 'snowiest winter'. We might make it today.


OK, I'm at home now, and it still snowing. The spectacle is so beautiful that I started taking pictures. Then we saw many little birds seeking refuge in the little trees in the back... And away I went, to try and take some pictures outside. I was almost knee-deep in the snow, but I believe the pictures came out all right...

Estoy en la Biblioteca Pública de Waterloo con los chicos, esperando que Gaby nos venga a buscar. Como hay Internet gratis aquí, me traje mi laptop nueva (me la dieron el jueves, está re-cool!). Estoy mirando por la ventana, y todo lo que puedo ver es... nieve. Más y más. Estamos esperando entre 15 y 20 centímetros más para hoy. Como si no tuviésemos suficiente!

Leí en algún lugar (creo que en AM570 News) que sólo necesitábamos 17 centímetros más para romper un record de más de 40 años y que éste sea el 'invierno con más nieve'. Tal vez lo logremos hoy.


Bien, ya estoy en casa, y sigue nevando. El espectáculo es tan bonito que comencé a sacar fotos. Luego vimos pajaritos buscar refugio en los arbolitos de atrás... y ahí nomás me fui para afuera, a sacar fotos. Estaba casi enterrado hasta las rodillas en la nieve, pero me parece que las fotos salieron bastante bien...

Icicles again
Snow everywhere. Even on my windows...
"Did you hear? Wiarton Willie has caught pneumonia..."
"Better make a stop here, it's getting dangerous to fly"
Same guy, about an hour later. I'm amazed it hasn't moved yet.
Wait a minute... these aren't birds!
It's the yeti! Oh, no,'s Juan
And here are the girls! If I were younger... sigh.

Everybody is back inside now.

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  1. I really enjoyed the photos...but then I don't think I'm as strong as them to stay out in the cold too long! LOL

    Happy weekend to you and your family!

  2. Qué lindas fotos!!!
    Ya sé que a esta altura están requete hartos de la nieve, pero por acá hace un CALORRRRRR inaguantable!, así que los envidio sanamente

    Ahi vi en la última foto que tienen unos cajoncitos con piedras para los zapatos... qué bueno eso!!!

  3. Me encanta la sexta foto.

  4. The photos are amazing - love the birds. I don't think I can take much more snow though!

  5. Mariposa, you should have seen what my kids did. They buried Santi in the snow (all but his face)! I couldn't take the pictures from inside because the trees were blocking my way...

    Paola, no sé si estoy cansado de la nieve todavía. Me molesta un poco llenarme de nieve los pantalones, eso sí. Pero dejame toda la vida con -35C que con +35C. Ni hablar!

    Anahí, gracias por visitarme de nuevo. Te referís a la foto de la paloma? Me salió bastante linda, no?

    Don Mills diva! Thanks for visiting me. I went to Toronto on Wednesday, and I spent the day at Sunnybrook Hospital (which I guess it's not too far away from where you are). And I was wondering which McDonald's was the one where you had that bad experience... Things one thinks while fixing software problems... :-)

  6. I was going to ask if you got home safely. We never even made it out to get groceries today. I did walk to the corner store though...It was like a ghost town. Shawn and I actually walked down the middle of the road, there were no cars anywhere. There was a bus stuck on weber Street though.
    Your photos are great. I can hardly see Florencia in all of her winter gear! It looks like the kids enjoyed all of the snow. I am ready for spring.

  7. ...and I'm so happy to see you're online, Biddie!

    We got back home safe, and we had some friends over for dinner (Canadian time). They were driving a mini-van, and they got stuck in the snow as they were leaving...

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Si, me refiero a esa, está buenísima


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