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Saturday, February 23, 2008


CanadaOnce we came back from Toronto today (Santi had a game and they lost 0-1), we went to Bechtel Park (very close from home) to do some tobogganing. It was getting dark already, but we still got to have fun for a while. The pictures are not too good but the videos are OK. Enjoy!

ArgentinaUna vez que volvimos de Toronto (Santi tuvo un partido en el que perdieron 0-1), nos fuimos al vecino Bechtel Park a tirarnos en trineo. Se estaba poniendo un poco oscuro, pero igual tuvimos tiempo para divertirnos un rato. Las fotos no salieron muy bien, pero los videos están buenos. Disfrútenlos!

Getting ready to go...
Preparándose para bajar...

Santi and Florencia went first!
Santi y Florencia fueron primeros!

Gaby and Caro's ride didn't end well...for Gaby's rear end! :-)
La bajada de Gaby y Caro no terminó bien...para el trasero de Gaby! :-)

"Victory shall be mine!" says Stew...Juan
"La victoria será mía!" dice Stewie...digo Juan

It's Juan who goes downhill this time...with similar results
Esta vez es el turno de Juan...con resultados similares

We were cold, so we all had a good cup of hot chocolate... from my office!
(OK, I had to go pick up the laptop)

Teníamos frío, así que todos tomamos una taza de chocolate caliente... en mi oficina!
(OK, tenía que ir a buscar la laptop)

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  1. secret agent mamaFeb 24, 2008, 2:45:00 AM

    That was great!! Sheer excitement going down those hills like that!!

  2. Yup, lots of excitement for everybody...but my wife. She's been at home nursing her sore... butt for two days now.

    She could barely move yesterday!

  3. Alguien de Kitchener esta leyendo este post, en este instante... (18/1/09).
    greetings from Argentina!!!


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