Monday, February 25, 2008

Things my kids say

CanadaWe were trying to come up with a new 'meme' for us to share as a family (since both Juan and Santi are bloggers too). My idea was "Colour me Saturday", in which we will have to write, put pictures, videos or whatever comes to our minds, but they all must have a predominant colour. Santi proposed "French Friday" and "Soccer Saturday" (which we all liked).

But the first idea that came of his mind was... "Turd Tuesday". I won't go into more details, don't worry.


As I was coming to the computer to write about it, Juan noticed that my visit counter was at 9,979, so he said:

"Wow, Dad. Almost a million!"


ArgentinaEstábamos abocados a la búsqueda de un nuevo 'meme' que pudiésemos compartir entre nosotros (ya que tanto Juan como Santi también son bloggers). Mi idea se llamaba "Colour me Saturday", y consistía en escribir, poner fotos, videos o lo que fuera, siempre con la condición de que hubiese un color predominante. Santi propuso "French Friday" y "Soccer Saturday" (que a todos nos gustó).

Pero la primer idea que tuvo fue... "Turd Tuesday". No voy a ir en detalles, no se preocupen. Si no saben qué quiere decir, búsquenlo Uds. :-)


Mientras me disponía a escribir sobre esto, Juan observó que mi contador de visitas había llegado a 9,979, por lo que dijo:

"Guau, Pa. Casi un millón!"


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  1. Cute, kids do say some pretty funny things without trying to be funny.


  2. Sounds like Tuesday could be a very interesting day....

  3. Yup, turd is enough! LOL

    And wow Gabriel, that is almost a million!!! :D


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