Saturday, February 09, 2008

More snow

Canada You want snow? We have lots in here, come get some. It practically snowed non-stop since Tuesday, and it is still snowing.

We had our record snowfall for a day on Wednesday, with 26.5 cm, but that was on top of a previous snowfall. And all this after the kids had a snow day the previous Friday. Get the idea?

I've been taking some pictures (which I will share below), but I have to tell you how lucky I am: I had to drive to Toronto today. At 7:30 AM. On a Saturday. For work. Yay.

It was awful; I could barely see, and every time a truck passed beside me, it will throw a blanket of water and ice that would blind me for a very scary second. Eventually, we still made it to the hospital where I was going (Santi was with me).

I worked there until 1:00 PM and then left to Santi's game. And after having watched Santi's team today, we both agreed that the drive to Toronto hadn't been that bad after all. Especially if you compare it with the way Santi's team played.

That was scary!

ArgentinaQuieren nieve? Tenemos montones aquí, así que vengan a buscar. Ha nevado prácticamente sin parar desde el martes pasado, y aún sigue.

Tuvimos una nevada record por un día el miércoles, con 26.5 cm, pero eso fue encima de otra nevada previa. Y todo esto luego de que los chicos hayan tenido un 'snow day' el viernes anterior. Se dan idea ahora?

Saqué algunas fotos (las que compartiré más abajo), pero también quería contarles sobre lo afortunado que soy: hoy tuve que manejar hasta Toronto. Saliendo a las 7:30 AM. Un sábado. Por trabajo. Yupi.

Fue espantoso; no veía casi nada, y cada vez que un camión me pasaba por al lado, me tiraba una manta de agua y hielo que me dejaba sin poder ver por un muy aterrador segundo. De todos modos, llegamos al hospital sin problemas (estaba con Santi).

Trabajé allí hasta la 1:00 PM, y luego nos fuimos al partido de Santi. Fue después de haber visto jugar al equipo de Santi que ambos coincidimos en que el viaje hasta Toronto no había sido tan malo después de todo. Sobre todo si lo comparábamos con la forma en la que el equipo había jugado.

Eso sí que dio miedo!

It looks worse than it is; the car was in the driveway

A view from the balcony

Not my barbecue!!

This is the backyard (picture taken from my dining room)

Ontario, the biggest outdoor fridge in the world

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  1. LOL. Love the last photo.
    When I used to live in an apartment (many moons ago) I used my 9th floor balcony as a freezer.
    I am tired of all of this snow. It seems like we have been shovelling non stop.
    I can't wait for spring!

  2. Well, there's more snow coming, Biddie.

    Lots of fun, eh? Lots of fun.

  3. mmm qué rico!



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