Sunday, January 20, 2008

Careless Parking #03

can_flaggy You get a 2x1 deal today! The first picture was taken just outside of my office on Tuesday at noon. None of these cars were moving; some were idling, but I don't remember having seen anybody in there for a while.

I had to stay there until I finally saw a car make it in
between the two lines of illegally parked cars.

The second one was published on a newspaper in my hometown, Necochea (I'm guessing it was I know it's the middle of the summer, so there are quite a lot of tourists down there right now, but don't tell me these guys couldn't find a better place to park!

"Prohibido Estacionar" means "No Parking" in English...
Well, the literal translation would be "Parking is forbidden"

Just so you see that I show idiots from other places too!


  1. LOL. Well, I guess that we are not exclusive when it comes to idiots.

  2. Oh, no, we aren't. I promise I will post some pictures from Buenos Aires. You won't believe your eyes.

  3. Buenos Aires is the paradise for these guys! :)


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