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Monday, October 22, 2007

Soccer in Ontario

I was invited by Ziegler to write an article for his weblog, so what did I write about? Why, soccer, of course. The post is in Spanish, though (and so is Guillermo's blog). His weblog is an excellent source of information for people who are planning to or in the process of immigrating to Canada (or just got here!)

Here's the link to my post.

Fui invitado por Ziegler a escribir un artículo para su weblog, así que sobre qué pude haber escrito? Fútbol, por supuesto. El weblog de Guillermo es una excelente fuente de información para gente que está planeando venir, o en pleno proceso de inmigración a Canadá (o ya llegó!)
Aquí esta el link a mi post.


  1. A great post, by the way!
    Thanks for your time!

    Un excelente post, dicho sea de paso!
    Gracias por tu tiempo!

    Que tal? Yo tambien soy bilangue!

  2. Gabriel,

    The article about soccer was awesome.
    If you could post it in English would be great, so all the people in your blog could read it.

  3. Thanks, Carlos. I will try to do it tomorrow, so I post it right after my last issue of "Coming to Canada" :-)


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