Thursday, October 04, 2007

Poor Dida

Watch this clip. It's from yesterday's game between Celtic and Milan. A Scottish fan jumped in, made a run and 'attacked' Dida. Watch Dida turn around, then start to chase him and fall to the ground almost immediately. You would have thought the guy punched him in the face or something, but then you see the repetition in slow motion and you realize he almost didn't even touch him. Dida left in a stretcher, with ice on his face! :-)

I said 'poor Dida', because he's not only a below average goalie, he's also a terrible actor... Here's the clip:

There are two more clips like this one that I can remember; one is from Rivaldo during the World Cup in Korea-Japan. He got a Turkish player expelled thanks to his acting skills, but he wasn't punished himself. Here's Rivaldo's clip:

The other video stars Ricardo Rojas, a Chilean goalkeeper. During a match against Brazil, a qualifier for the Italy '90 World Cup, Rojas actually bladed himself to fake an injury due to a firework thrown from the stands. Here's the clip (the acting comes at about 3:40 minutes):

Both Rojas and Chile were banned for a year or so due to their actions. I really hope the same applies to Dida.


  1. Que actor Dida! Por favor!


    Al actor le dieron el oscar doble... ;-)


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