Monday, October 29, 2007

An odd 'work-related' quick post

Our intranet sofwtare comes from another local company, and using it -or trying to- can be really frustrating sometimes.

It does have a great 'search' feature, though. If we had only purchased the 'find' module as well...

Nuestro software de intranet es el producto de otra compañía local, y usarlo -o tratar de usarlo- se puede hacer muy frustrante.

Solemos decir que tiene un gran motor de búsqueda, sin embargo. Si sólo hubiésemos comprado el módulo que encuentra cosas también...


  1. Livelink may be?

  2. I can't say a word unless my attorney is present ;-)

    We used to play in the Hi-Tech Soccer league a few years ago, and every time we played against (insert company name here), we would tell them "By the way, (insert product here) sucks!" as we were shaking hands...

    You see? I managed to write all that without mentioning Open Text or Livelink. D'oh!

  3. I bet your software runs on windows !

    That's not a joke, we had the same problem, lots of documents some people uploaded and other people needed to find things, simple words or boolean searchs, the data took hours to be updated, and to the company's advice we updated IIS, finetuned it, changed parameters, etc.
    Till we found our programmer, who opened the software, and with some tools of his own, showed us how IIS and indexing really works.

    Of course, he not only fixed it, it works like a charm.

    Many software works on IIS, if only as a foundation, and here is the problem.


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