Monday, October 29, 2007

Japanese tetris

It is no secret that the Japanese Game TV shows are probably the most creative -and funny. My brother Paco sent me this video from a "Tetris" based TV show. And it's just plain hilarious.

No es ningún secreto que los programas de juegos de la TV japonesa son tal vez los más creativos -y divertidos. Mi hermano Paco me mandó este video de un show basado en el juego "Tetris". Y es simplemente divertidísimo.


  1. That was great! Shawn and I like watching MXC on channel 32. Have you ever seen it? Some of the games that they comptete in are crazy! It's one of our favs. I'll have to show this to Shawn.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Of course, we like MXC as well, especially my son Santi! As I said, nobody better than the Japanese for this...

  3. Oh yeah, all of these japanese TV shows are something special))) And I wonder who came up in this channel's studio one day with an idea of airing a show based on a puzzle game :D It looks so ridiculous, but I somehow like the way they rethink the game of my childhood. In that days all the entertainment I had was a simple NES console with two games on it - Tetris and the one that I did't understand because it was in chinese. So I became obsessed with Tetris at some point and even now I'm still playing it via NES emulator You can call me a weirdo, but maybe I am, if I like the videos like that in the serious way..)


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