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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My favourite things

It's late September and the new TV season is just kicking off. This means that the shows we like to watch are returning, so I have made sure that all my PVR timers are up to date. The new season also brings back one of my things I enjoy the most doing: sitting on the couch with Gaby to watch TV quietly every night. We just pick two shows -sometimes three- every night, and watch them without interruptions (other than the occasional coffee or pee break). I honestly think I enjoy the time I spend alone with Gaby more than the shows we watch.

Most of the shows we tape and watch together, others are just for my own enjoyment. Here's the list of the TV shows we're planning to watch this season:

Shows we'll watch together again

New additions

Waiting list

Shows I'm likely to watch alone

Shows Gaby is likely to watch alone

  • Whatever Latino soap opera is on Telelatino these days (though I LOVE watching the commercials, they are the funniest thing you can find on TV)

You wonder how are we going to watch so much TV? The answer is simple: we don't. We'll watch the shows that I mentioned in the first group, and I might watch the FOX cartoons, but the rest are going to be stored in the PVR to be then recorded on DVD, so we can catch up during the breaks in between new episodes that 'our' shows will have. We haven't watched Grey's Anatomy's last season yet, for example. Same goes for Dexter and Rescue me, it's all on DVD.

Septiembre está por terminar, y la nueva temporada de TV está empezando. Esto significa el retorno de los shows que nos gusta mirar, así que me he asegurado de que los timers de mi PVR están actualizados. La nueva temporada también trae de vuelta una de las cosas que más disfruto hacer: sentarme en el sillón con Gaby para mirar TV en silencio todas las noches. Elegimos dos shows -a veces tres- cada noche, y lo miramos sin interrupciones (salvo el ocasional break para café o pis). Creo que disfruto más del tiempo que pasamos juntos con Gaby que de los shows que miramos.

La mayoría de los shows los grabamos y miramos juntos, y otros son sólo para que los disfrute yo. Aquí esta la lista de shows que tenemos pensado mirar esta temporada:

Shows que miraremos juntos otra vez

Nuevos shows

Lista de espera

Shows que probablemente mire solo

Shows que es posible que Gaby mire sola

  • Cualquiera sea la novela latina que esté en Telelatino estos dias (aunque AMO mirar los comerciales, son de lo más gracioso que uno puede encontrar en TV)

Se preguntan cómo vamos a hacer para mirar tanta TV? La respuesta es simple: no lo hacemos. Miraremos los shows que mencioné dentro del primer grupo, y tal vez mire los shows de FOX, pero el resto va a ser guardado en el PVR hasta que los ponga en DVD, así los podemos mirar durante los breaks que hay entre episodios nuevos de 'nuestros' shows. Por ejemplo, aún no hemos mirado la última temporada de Grey's Anatomy's. Lo mismo va para Dexter y Rescue me, están todos en DVD.

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  1. I can't wait for ER tonight. I heard that it's on at 7, now.
    I am waiting for Supernatural, too, but I have no idea when it's coming back.
    Crossing Jordan was cancelled, and that was one my favourites. I am so bummed out about that. Thank goodness that I still have Cold Case!

  2. No worries... I'm in Argentina so we get the shows with at least a 3 month delay.
    Because I just CANNOT wait that long... I have to publicly and officially thank BitTorrent and Azureus for letting me have the shows the next day they air!!


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