Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I accept it... I'm a kid

I can't avoid chuckling every time I see one of these signs. Catherine Fife is a provincial MP candidate for the NDP in Kitchener-Waterloo. The elections are coming, so there are signs with her name all over the city... Well, 'Fife' is kind of a naughty word in Argentine slang. It means 'to have sex'... I feel I'm 12 when I smile, but hey, doesn't everybody? Oh, no? Well, then it's just me.

No puedo evitar sonreir cada vez que veo estos carteles. Catherine Fife es candidata a miembro del parlamento provincial por el NDP en Kitchener-Waterloo. Estamos en época de elecciones, así que estos carteles con su nombre estan por toda la ciudad. Bien, 'Fife' es una palabra 'cochina' en el lunfardo argentino. Significa 'tener sexo'. Siento que tengo 12 años cuando me río, pero acaso no le pasa a todos esto? Ah, no? Bueno, entonces soy sólo yo.


  1. Menos mal que lo pusiste vos priemro! Hace una semana que vengo queriendo sacar esa foto para escribir lo mismo!

    Ya somos dos los chiquilines!

  2. Biddie - Guillermo here said he was relieved I posted it first, he wanted to take a picture too (he's also Argentine). So that makes two big guys with a 12 y.o. mentality...

  3. Lol, i can't stop laughing ! It reminds me of my mum, she uses that word all the time ! I guess she thinks it's not so dirty as "culiar", "cojer" or else...:) Yea, I'll never grow up.


  4. Mariel, thanks for your comment! I can tell you're of Argentine background, because only we use those words...

    Are you from the KW area?


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