Thursday, July 19, 2007


One of the best ever Argentine cartoonists -and also an excellent writer- has died today, after a long illness. His name was Roberto Fontanarrosa, and I worshipped the guy.

I just can't believe the news. This is probably the first time that I have been affected by the death of somebody that I didn't know. I will surely miss his cartoons, his books and his coherence.

He was only 62 years old. Rest in peace.

Hoy murio uno de los mejores humoristas argentinos, y tambien un excelente escritor, luego de una larga enfermedad. Su nombre era Roberto Fontanarrosa y yo era devoto de su obra.

No puedo creer la noticia. Es tal vez la primera vez que me afecta la muerte de alguien a quien ni conocía. Voy a extrañar mucho sus dibujos, sus libros y su coherencia.

Tenía sólo 62 años. Descanse en paz.


  1. Fontanarrosa's funeral was crowded all night, and today a lot of people followed him to his resting place. Here in Rosario he wasn't just a celebrity, but a friendly icon. And to think that today's Friend's Day! The municipality ordered flags to be flown at half mast today in his honour.

  2. The very first thing I did when I went to Rosario for the first time, was to visit "El Cairo". I felt I was at a historic site, and indeed it was.

    A good thing is that Fontanarrosa got the homages he deserved in life, something that doesn't happened very often.

    Thanks for visiting this weblog. I took a look at a couple of yours and found them very interesting (and way better written than mine) :-)

  3. Gabriel,
    I was a Fontanarrosa's fan for many years. Since I was very young. In Mexico his cartoon 'Boggie el aceitoso' was almost the only one published regularly.
    It was a close encounter with the american psyque.
    I remember very well the cartoon when Boogie's mom asked him to have a normal life, he answered her straigh:
    "Mom, you take care of the American way of life, don't bother me, I'll concentrate on the American way of death".

    I really good cartoonist. Sad news.


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