Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About me (2)

GAME RULES: Answer every question.

Then choose 5 people so they play it too.
I won't do this, I detest chains.

You must put the link to their blogs.
Got it from"Pisando pollitos voy"

Leave a comment in their blog saying "you've been nominated" and ask them to add your own blog.
No way


I have: a spectacular family (wife and 4 children 4).
I wish: nothing bad ever happens to them (those mentioned above).
I hate: people, places, situations, healthy food...
I listen to: music and radio, almost all day (and nights too!).
I am afraid of: death.
I don't agree with: many people, but I learned to tolerate them.
I cry: very rarely, way less than 'recommended'.
I lose: many times, when I actually think I won.
I need: nothing specific, I'm very happy with what I've got.
I owe: money, but I'm slowly paying my debts.
I hurt: my hip and my right leg, almost all the time.


Do you have a diary?: no.
Do you like cooking?: yes.
A secret you haven't told anyone?: that's why they're called secrets!
Do you set your clock a few minutes ahead?: no.
Do you believe in love?: yes.
Do you take a bath every day?: no, but sometimes I take more than two or three in a day.
Do you want to get married?: already there.
Do you like storms?: yes.
Weirdest person you know?: many candidates.
Person who knows you the best?: me.
Most boring teacher?: many, mostly in high school. Wasn't I supposed to answer 'yes' or 'no'?


The phrase you use in MSN the most?: qlp.(impossible to translate to English)
Your favourite band?: Kiss, Queen, Beach Boys, Manhattan Transfer, Supertramp.
Your biggest hope?: that my wife and kids are happy and live well.


Sign: Capricorn (like this is important at all).
Hair colour (natural)?: black, but with a lot of grey/white hair.
Hair colour (current)?: black, but with a lot of grey/white hair.
Eyes colour?: dark brown.
Favourite numbers?: 5, 13.
Favourite day?: Wednesday.
Favourite month?: October and November (boreal fall).
Favourite season?: Fall.
Favourite sport?: Soccer.
Coffee or tea?: coffee.
Mountain or beach?: beach.
Sun or snow?: snow.


Cried?: no.
Helped somebody?: yes.
Bought anything? water, diet coke, a sandwich.
Gotten sick?: no.
Gone to the movies?: no.
Gone out for dinner?: no.
Said "I love you"?: yes.
Written a letter?: no.
Lost a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no.
Spoken with somebody after a long time?: yes!
Written on a journal?: yes.
Had a serious conversation?: yes.
Lost somebody?: no.
Hugged anybody?: yes.
Fought with a relative?: no.
Fought with a friend?: no.
Daydreamed?: no.


Eat a worm?: as long as it's not fruit or vegetables, I'm fine.
Kill anybody?: no, but I do wish some people die soon.
Kiss somebody of your own gender?: I did already, and he won't even write to me.
Have sex with somebody of the same gender?: no.
Jump off a plane?: no.
Sing karaoke?: yes.
Become a vegetarian?: It's against my beliefs.
Get drunk?: I don't drink.
Shoplift?: no.

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