Friday, June 29, 2007


What a great time we had at Widgawa Lodge!

We spent three nights there, in a log cabin that resembled a boat, because it wasn't exactly 'horizontal'. You could see the inclination in some of the room, and walking inside was really funny.

There were many friends with us, from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (and a Lithuanian family). We had a great time, and of course, eat barbecue every single night. The whole BBQ ceremony still impresses me. We (they, actually, because I felt too shy to ask if I could help) would set up the fire at around 8:00 PM, and then wait until there were enough live coals to send under the grill. Then it was time for the sausages to be placed in there, as they would be the appetizers (and boy were they good!!). Around half an hour later, it would be time for the chicken to go in, then the beef (or the fish). Dinner would be ready by 11:15, 11:30 PM. Yup, three and a half hours overall. It was glorious.

We did a lot of fishing, both on the little stream that was nearby, and on the lake as well. Here's the final result:
* Santiago, 15 pieces
* Gaby, 12 pieces
* Me, 10 pieces
* Juan, 8 pieces
* Carolina, 6 pieces
* Florencia, 3 pieces (yes, even she got some!)

Biggest piece award goes to me (it was actually the only one we could eat). Cutest fisher award goes to Florencia, and Fish killer award goes definitely to Gaby. Almost every fish she caught ended dead for having swallowed hook, sink, worm, etc. Even fish can't resist Gaby's 'food'.

The place was beautiful; even the view from the river was gorgeous.

We spent our last day in an island. We rented a few boats and, even though it took a few trips, we managed to move people, fishing apparel, food, etc and spent the whole day there. It was just a beautiful little refuge, and it looked like nobody had been there since the last time my friends visited it (we were the only ones coming for the first time). The view from there was just fantastic.

The kids were at the best of their behaviour, and the weather was great. All in all, it was one of the best times we have ever spent together. I didn't mind the driving (15 hours both ways) at all!

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