Thursday, May 03, 2007

It never fails

There's something about Canada, that makes it very appealing to people in Argentina. When you say you live in Canada, they look at you as if you were coming from Mars or Jupiter. To Argentines, Canada is definitely 'the end of the world'. It's funny, because it's not further away than, let's say, China. But that is how it seems to work. Oh, and of course, all the stereotypes: it's winter all year round, and we all live in igloos. The idea of us going to the beach is just crazy.

This must be the reason why every time I send an e-mail to a radio show (I listen to many Argentine shows on the internet), not only it's read, but I become some kind of a 'celebrity listener', just because of where I live. I mean, this people know nothing about me, but that I live in Canada. Hence, I'm important. :-)

With all this in mind, I was listening to a soccer game last Wednesday night (Boca-Velez). It wasn't any of the big radio stations, but one that follows my team (Velez) wherever they play. I know the guys through a Yahoo! Group, but that's about it. Still I decided to call and let them know that I was listening to their transmission. I was at the Hotel in Niagara Falls, so I called a Waterloo number on my cellphone, then dialed the passcode and then placed the call.

Of course, they put me on the air immediately. I blurbed a few words and that was it. They kept talking about me, and then the radio host said "I know Gabriel, he's handicapped and he lives in Canada". Well, now they know two things about me. Only problem is that the first is not true!!!

I might be fat, and I certainly still limp from my broken hip, but other than that I'd say I'm fine. I wonder how they got that idea. Calling back to let them know that it wasn't true would embarrass my friends, so I decided not to do it. I can't help but think that maybe they had me confused for somebody else...

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