Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tango in Waterloo

We had a tango show here in Waterloo last night, the second so far. About 50 to 60 people came to the Button Factory for a 50 minute tango lesson by Carlos Siri (who's also the organizer/host) and then over two hours of 'milonga' with a few latin/salsa music breaks. Gaby was in charge of the concession and she did really well.

From what I could tell, there were less than five of us latinos among those 60 persons (snide and sad comment: of course those were the ones who came 1.5 hours late and complained that there were no tables available). But the rest were your regular Joes and Janes who went there to learn tango and have a great time. And boy they did.

We met Carlos through a friend, and then it was him who contacted us about these milongas. Basically, he wanted Gaby to be in charge of the food, while he was taking care of everything else. Some may say that 60 people is too low of an attendance, I think it was just about right.

Now there's a guy who does this just because he loves it, and he wants people in the region to be exposed to the Argentine culture. I know a lot of people who boast about all they do for our home country (both here and down there), yet I have never seen proof of anything they've allegedly done. Well, here's one who doesn't say a word and does a lot. That's how it should be.

Congratulations, Carlos, for a job well done. Our next milonga is on May 25th, which is also a national holiday in Argentina. I just can't wait.

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