Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silly Monkey Stories #143 – Curves

(En español más abajo)
Canada28/Mar/2011 – Florencia (7)
I was downstairs, playing videogames with Juan, when Florencia showed up like this. Do I really want to know what she was thinking about?
Argentina28/Mar/2011 –  Florencia (7)
Estaba abajo, jugando a los videojuegos con Juan, cuando se me aparece Florencia vestida como se la ve en las fotos. De verdad quiero saber qué es lo que está pasando por su cabeza?
I don’t even know what is it that she put under her dress! Smile
Ni siquiera sé qué es lo que se puso bajo el vestido!
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  1. I'm so happy my daughter doesn't pay attention to body image yet.

    Oh, and I was late too. I didn't remember that I had to post a story until around 1am last night. :P

  2. LOL! Times like these Dave is fond of saying We got boys, all boys!


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