Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekly Winners #18 - Jun/01 to Jun/07

What a poor week in terms of imagery. I barely posted about five pictures of my own...
Some were of the night we went out bowling with the "Whatever Club"
But they weren't too good...
I also posted some really cool pictures that I took on Sunday, while watching Santi's game in Windsor.
Apparently, there was an air show going on, which gave me the opportunity of taking some cool shots...
That was pretty much it, so let's look at the 'pictures that I could've published'...
How about 'bunnies in my yard'?
Or this cool picture of the Ambassador Bridge taken by Juan in Windsor?
And of course, some soccer. Santi seems to be hiding behind the Windsor player!
This is the sneak preview of one of my next posts... Have a great week, everybody!
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  1. Hi Gabriel! Nice pictures again, it's great to share a little piece of our lives like that isn't it? I love the bunny!

  2. Great winners this week! My fave is the bunny/rabbit one :)

  3. Love the planes, and the bunny is so cute. The bridge looks so steep!

  4. life is a blessingJun 7, 2008, 11:05:00 PM

    The bunny is so cute! The bridge picture is great as well!

  5. I loved the air show pictures... an the bunny. (How can you not love the bunny?)

  6. The air show pictures are great - as is the bunny! Cute!

  7. I love the bunny! :)

  8. Karen of SillymonkeezJun 8, 2008, 11:29:00 AM

    Aaaaaw!!! The bunny is my favorite!

  9. i feel you about not taking pictures these week. We were out having too much fun. Hope you have a great week!

  10. Love the bowling pics.

    I am so glad to get through today. I have tried the last few weeks and not been able to leave a comment because my computer would do crazy stuff...weird!

  11. I like the bowling alley...

  12. Nice pictures. I was suprised to see the one of the Ambassador Bridge. I usually see it from the other side, but I like that view also.

  13. I remember crossing that bridge when I was a kid with my Dad and TMOC. It scared me so badly that I would hide on the floor of th ecar until the trip was over. Once and awhile, I would peek my head up, only to be scared silly.
    Looking at that photo, I can see why! Great shot!

  14. I used to love bowling... until I was on a league. So I quit, now I love bowling again.

    Love the bunny! I love their eyes....


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