Monday, May 12, 2008

Where were you? - #06

CanadaWell, it seems that my little game is failing to impress my readers. Last week, only Biddie took the time to answer my questions, and other than that, my "WWY" went pretty much unnoticed.
I will probably host this until the end of May and then I will have to call it quits and move on. What can I do?
Today's theme comes from a made-up word we used a lot back in my IBM years and identified the date in which a monthly process would be automatically triggered.
That word is "Monthiversary". So... once again: Where were you...
1) ...exactly one month ago? (13/Apr/2008) - Random event: Trevor Immelman wins the 2008 Masters in Augusta.
I was at Lester Pearson Airport in Toronto, from where I flew to San Diego for the second time in about 20 days. It was a long flight, leaving Toronto at around 7:30 and arriving in San Diego at 2:30 PM (local time) via San Francisco. Once there, they picked me up... and took me to work at the hospital! I only made it to the (crappy) hotel at around 6:30 PM (which in reality was 9:30 PM for me, due to the time zone change)
Interesting whirlpool I found at the airport in San Francisco
2) ...exactly two months ago? (13/Mar/2008) - Random event: Demonstrations in China by Tibetan separatists turn violent.
I was at the office, getting ready for what would be the first in a series of trips that only ended in late April. I wrote about the time when I played the judge in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury" with my Church Chancel Choir. But "Trial by Jury" was the second half of the show. Before, we were doing things like this:
3) ...exactly three months ago? (13/Feb/2008) - Random event: Malaysian Parliament is dissolved by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
I was still celebrating my Canadian Blog Award and the sudden fame that my blog had achieved because of the article that appeared on "Clarín" (the biggest newspaper in Argentina). I posted what was my most successful "Wordless Wednesday" post that day (with one of my favourite pictures) and I remember I got up after midnight and went to the local WalMart to buy Valentine Day presents for my wife
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  1. I'll be totally honest - I have no idea where I was one or two months ago.

    Sitting here, probably...


  2. Kudos for the honest answer, Marc. I suffer from the same problem most of the times.

    But I still remember almost every item code I would enter in the computer when I was 17 and I was at my very first job...

  3. I had to laugh out at the 3 men!!! Hilarious~

  4. I'm the same Gabriel, i couldn't tell you where i was three months ago...sorry for not participating.

  5. NPI.
    Es lo que me pasa con las fechas recientes... jaja.
    13-Abril... viendo Augusta por television. Tenia que ir a la cancha, pero realmente no tenia ganas de viajar hasta el pueblo cercano donde se jugaba el partido de futbol, asi que lo escuche por radio, mientras veia Augusta.
    13-Marzo. Fue un jueves, asi que seguramente... trabajando. Y preparando el viaje de la semana siguiente a Buenos Aires.
    13-Febrero. Un miercoles? Trabajando. Seguro. Aca a S.Valentin... ni bola.

  6. Ok - just stumbled accross this from Friday's feast so here goes:

    On April 13th I was here in Landkey, North Devon. It was a Sunday and I had been at church in the morning. Then we had a couple back for lunch and lloked after the boys for the reast of the day at home.

    On March 13th I was home! What a varied life I live. My son went to pre-school in the morning and a lady came to collect some clippers that I had offered on freecycle.

    On Feb 13th I was here again. My sister, her husband and my nephew were coming to visit for a few days. Apart from that I have no idea what I did :)


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