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Where were you? - #04

CanadaWelcome to yet another edition of my 'Where were you' game! I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. I had fun coming up with the 'Geek edition' questions from last week. Let's see what do you think about this week's theme...
Where Were You - The Short-Term Memory Edition
Where were you...
1) ...last Saturday (26/Apr/2008)?:
Well, it was quite the busy day for me! I got up really early in the morning, took Juan to his Karate all-day camp, and then went to my soccer team's fundraiser barbecue.
26-04-08_1041 26-04-08_1042
I stayed there until 11:30 AM; then I drove back home and picked up the rest of the kids. Dropped the girls off at our friend's house and left to Toronto with Santi. We had two tickets to the Toronto FC game, that a friend had given us on Friday (he couldn't go). The seats were spectacular and the game was great. We had a blast (I will write more about this, maybe tomorrow)
26-04-08_1731   26-04-08_1734
The game ended at around 5:30 PM. It took me about 45 minutes to get out of there, but I was back in Waterloo by 7:30. I went over my friend Isabel's place to pick up the girls, and then took the three guys home. Went out again to pick up Juan from the karate camp at 9:00 PM, and then went out once again to join Gaby at her Tango show, where I stayed with her until 1:00 AM.
On Sunday, there was no God who could get me out of bed before noon. I missed church, and that was the fifth week in a row, but the first in which I could have been there... I feel bad about it, but I was exhausted!
2) ...ten days ago (19/Apr/2008)?:
I arrived back from San Diego at 6:45 AM that day. I took some pictures from the plane, as I always do...
18-04-08_1911  18-04-08_1914
The limo picked me up and deposited me at home at around 8:00 AM. I dropped my suitcase there, grabbed the car and left right away; I had to go to the neighbouring Bechtel Park to pick up my team's soccer gear, which I did. I came back at about 9:00 AM and went straight to bed, where I stayed until noon. I don't remember exactly what we did afterwards, but I do know that we went out for a ride, and that I helped the kids with their homework...
3) ...a month ago (29/Mar/2008)?:
I was in San Diego (my first trip). I worked from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. It was just three of us for the weekend. We went back to the hotel and we rested until around 6:30 PM, when we went out for dinner at a very expensive Japanese restaurant (as in 'the most expensive dinner I have ever had') in the Gas Lamp district. After that, we went to San Diego's Hard Rock Café and we partied until very late. I wasn't feeling well, though (my legs were killing me!), so I headed back to the hotel at around 2:00 AM. The next day was the first and only one in both trips to San Diego that I didn't have to go to work!
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So... where were you?
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  1. Wow, you've been everywhere!!! Gab, I so love this week's edition...gave me an excuse to document some important chapters of my life! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Please delete the first link, it got messed up...sorry!

  3. Prometo mañana contestarlo!!!
    Es 1° de Mayo, así que tengo un poco más de tiempo para dedicarle al blog

  4. Como dijo Mendieta... que lo pario.
    Recuerdo cosas de hace años, pero me preguntas las de hace poco y ni idea... sera el hecho de que acabo de pasar el medio siglo?
    Lo unico que puedo acotar es... que grande el Santi viendo a su idolo... eso es algo que no te olvidas facilmente. Yo todavia recuerdo el dia que me cruce con el Beto Alonso en River.

  5. Mike, me hiciste acordar... allá por 1981 ú 82, yo estaba en la cancha de Ferro viendo la final con River. River ganó creo que 2-0 con un gol de Vieta y otro de Kempes, y yo me metí a la cancha para la vuelta olímpica. En un momento, me abracé con Di Stéfano y Ramón Díaz, y justo me sacaron una foto. Fue tapa del Gráfico!

    Mi papá la tenía guardada a esa revista, debería averiguar dónde está. No todos los días uno se abraza con el -a mi juicio- mejor jugador de la historia del futbol. Y el pelado Díaz también! :-)

  6. Wow... El nacional de 1981.
    Voy a buscar a ver quienes hicieron los goles, pero seguramente fue así como lo decís, ya que tanto Vieta como Marito Kempes solían meterla seguido.
    Ojala encuentres la tapa esa... mandame copia.


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