Thursday, December 13, 2007

"One Thousand Pesos"

 Guillermo found this on a local radio station and alerted me so I would listen to it. It has been running on KOOL FM, especially during the mornings.
They used to have this "Instant teller" contest in which you would play against a machine. If you win and decide to continue, the teller will either offer you more money or 'explode', thus leaving you with nothing.
They have been running this ad, which Guille caught and found hilarious. And truly it is. In it, they say they have tracked the teller and found it in the Argentine Marambio Base in Antarctica... Just click and listen! 

Trivia: The base owes its name to Gustavo Argentino Marambio, who flew in Antarctica during the early 50's , taking on some very risky missions. Marambio died tragically in 1953. His cousin, Juan Carlos Marambio Catán, was a singer and composer, author of the lyrics of one of the most well known tangos "El choclo", which you can listen to below. I'm actually very close friends with Marambio's great-grand children!
From a local radio commercial to a tango. Only in my blog (or should I say in my mind)...

The Spanish version is on Guillermo's blog, and it couldn't be better.

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  1. Muy bueno el dato de El Choclo. No lo sabía!

  2. Marambio escribió la segunda letra del Choclo, que es la más conocida. La primera fue escrita por Angel Villoldo.

    Ahora ves por qué me pareció tan inusual e interesante que hayan elegido la Base Marambio para la publicidad. Te digo que hoy ya hice el cambio y estoy escuchando KoolFM en lugar del insufrible de Niembro...


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