Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shy? I'll show you shy...

I went to visit Biddie's daughter Jessica at the hospital today; she's been there since Monday, courtesy of -if I'm not mistaken- an insulin shock due to a monitor's malfunction. I wasn't sure about going, because, well, they don't know me... but I knew they were bored, and scared. They probably needed a clown.

I only stayed there for a few minutes, mostly because I had sneaked out from work, but also because it was noon, and visitors time wouldn't start until 1:30... I just had a brief chat with both Biddie and Jessica, and I'm happy to know that whatever little thing I did helped them get through the day. Jessica looked bored and maybe a little frail, but otherwise healthy. Now how beautiful she is! Too bad my sons are not into 'older women' :-)

Jessica is a shy girl; she wouldn't speak so much (well, especially when you have just met a 300-pound gentleman who looks like a bear and speaks with a funny accent), but I still managed to get some words from her, and most importantly, more than a smile.

No matter how shy they are, nobody can resist a 40 y.o. guy acting like a kid in JK. She doesn't speak much? No problem, I'll bring my daughter Carolina next time, she will do all the talking (and more!)

Oh, btw. It's a very, very small world, isn't it, Biddie? :-)


  1. hi i came over from Biddies place, how kind of you to go a visit Jessica and Biddie, wish i could call in and see jessica and give biddie a big hug, what a worrying time for them.

  2. It was an absolute pleasure, Her indoors. Jessica looked all right, and hopefully she will be back home soon.

    The hug I gave Biddie on my way out, let's pretend it came from you. :-)

  3. We were both so glad to have some company! It really meant alot to me that you would stop by.
    Jessie is used to big clowns, so that was not a problem. (I think that Shawn is a little bigger than you, and I am no light weight, either). I still amazed that you got her to talk and smile. She is SO shy!
    You're right, it IS a small world.
    Like I said, come by any time. It was a pleasure :)


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