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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One brain cell left

Estoy en la oficina de Agfa en Bogotá, esperando que me obtengan mi ticket aéreo para irme a Panama tal vez hoy. Mientras espero, estaba chequeando los mails y encontré un video clip de cuando mostraron Agfa Waterloo en las noticias de CTV esta semana.

Lo terminé de mirar y le comenté a mi colega de Agfa Colombia acerca del asunto, inclusive invitándolo a mirar el clip. Todo bien hasta que me di cuenta de que estaba hablándole absolutamente todo en inglés. Me dio tanta vergüenza ser tan idiota que hasta me puse colorado.

Ya llevo una semana y media aquí, uno podría pensar que ya me acordaría de hablar en mi lengua nativa.

I'm at the Agfa office in Bogotá, waiting for my air ticket so I can go to Panama City, hopefully today. I was checking my e-mails while I waited, and I found a video clip of when the Waterloo office was shown in CTV news earlier this week.

I finished watching it and I told my Agfa Colombia colleague about it, even inviting him to watch the clip as well. Everything was goin fine until I realized that I was talking to him in Engish. I felt so embarrased for being such an idiot that I actually blushed.

It's been a week and a half since I arrived, one could think that I would remember to speak in my native tongue by now.

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