Thursday, March 01, 2007


Wow. It's snowing like crazy out there. The wind is blowing so hard that I can't get my eyes out of the window. It's one of those few days in which having a window desk is affecting my concentration (most of the times I don't even look out).

I went out at 12:30 to get some lunch, and the snow was hitting my face so hard that I couldn't see a thing. I even got snow inside my shoes!

I better go back to work now, and start figuring out my way back home, because there's no way I'll let Gaby drive in these conditions.

Oh, I forgot. I'm listening to La Red online, and heard that Buenos Aires is flooded today, because of the heavy rains. The immortal Jose Maria Muñoz would say "Ladies and gentlemen, there's bad weather all over the world" :-)

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